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Starting a New Business Can Be Stressful and Expensive

There's a lot to do to file an LLC. Varying state requirements, numerous steps and lots of important documentation leave plenty of room for error. Mistakes can be costly — that's where we come in.

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 $0 Business Formation With 
No Hidden Fees

You’ll 澳洲幸运5开奖结果体彩网 实时更新官方澳洲幸运5体彩开奖结果 开奖历史记录 真实视频直播 看现场开奖结果 号码查询 a state fee to file your business, but Incfile doesn’t charge any processing fees on top of it. Formation through Incfile is free — always — and you can choose to add on additional services with our Premium Packages.


Join the 1,000,000+ businesses that have chosen Incfile.


No hidden costs or subscriptions


100% FREE formation


Super fast filing speeds

Use an Incfile Network Atorney

Free Registered Agent


Free compliance reminders

Beyond LLC Filing: All the Tools to Grow and Manage Your Business

Incfile's comprehensive set of services has you covered — from getting your EIN and business licenses to submitting your annual report. Just choose the services to suit your situation as and when you need them.

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Change of Registered Agent

Annual Reports

Use an Incfile Network Atorney

Registered Agent


Virtual Address

TAX ID#_01

EIN Number


And a lot more...

Get Access to Incfile’s Business Growth Dashboard

Your business essentials all in one place. Get reminders and compliance alerts. Grow your business with additional services when you need them.


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Join the 1,000,000+ businesses that trust Incfile to start, manage and grow their business.

See What Our Clients Have to Say…

“One of the things I really appreciated with Incfile is that it took care of everything for me.”

Khadijah Suleman, Aloaye Clothing LLC

Dreana A.
Year ago

Incfile is the best! Professional & always available to answer all my questions. I'm so grateful.

MS, United States
Scott B.
Scott B.
2 days ago

Incfile has been great to work with. Their prices are reasonable and they exceed expectations

MS, United States
Adam S.
Adam S.
2 years ago

Easy, smooth, one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made, was to utilize Incfile

CA, United States
Jade B.
Jade B.
Year ago

Great experience overall. I would recommend Incfile to anyone just starting out.

MS, United States
Nicole R
Nicole R.
2 days ago

Always easy, always fantastic. Used this company for over 5 years. Thanks for a great company.

MS, United States
Nathan S.
Nathan S.
2 years ago

The process was easy. The service is amazing. The products are top notch. What else can you ask for.

CA, United States
Carolyn F
Carolyn F.
Year ago

Satisfaction guaranteed. Team at Incfile makes the process easier and understandable.

MS, United States
Ruby B
Ruby B.
2 days ago

Fantastic! Very smooth and transparent. The services offered are phenomenal.

MS, United States
William P
William P.
2 years ago

Quick and easy to use. I wish fulfilling every business requirement was this painless.

CA, United States

Got a Question? Start Here

Can I Form a Business for Free?
  • Yes! Incfile is the only formation service offering truly free business formation.
  • You can form your LLC, S Corp, C Corp or nonprofit for $0.
  • You only ever pay the fees required by your state. Incfile’s filing services are free.
  • Checkout our business formation page for more information.
How Much Does Your Service Cost?
  • That depends. Incfile offers a range of different services to help you start and grow your business.
  • Head over to our services page to discover all the services available to you and their associated costs – Whether you’re interested in company formation, company changes, compliance, Registered Agent or IRS filings.
Do Your Prices Include Filing Fees?
  • With our free company formation packages, you only pay the fee required by your state – This is the fee that you would still need to pay to form a business, even if you were doing the whole process by yourself.
  • There are states that charge online processing fees for filing your paperwork, but once again, those fees come from the state, not Incfile.
  • Incfile’s services are completely free if you choose the $0 LLC, S Corp, C Corp or nonprofit package.
Are There Any Hidden Costs?
  • Absolutely not! We pride ourselves on complete transparency.
  • There are no hidden costs or sneaky subscriptions involved when forming your business with Incfile, unlike other formation specialists.
How Long Does It Take To Form a Business?
  • Incfile’s standard processing time to pass your data onto the relevant state is 1 day.
  • Different states have different filing times and they can vary from three to twelve weeks.
  • You can choose to pay an expedited fee that enables Incfile to process your paperwork faster (which is included in our platinum packages).
  • Some states also offer expedited processing through their systems too – If they do, we’ll make it clear that’s an option to you. Easily compare state filing times here.
Do You Have Any Guides or Resources for Getting Started?
  • Yes – We have lots of helpful content!
  • Learn more about LLC filing, C Corps, S Corps and nonprofits and check out our Resource Center for detailed information on all aspects of planning, starting and growing your business.
  • We’ve also created numerous business resources including tools, guides, quizzes and courses to help you on your way.
Do You Provide Hands on Support?
  • Absolutely! We’re happy to educate our customers and provide guidance throughout the formation process and beyond.
  • Need additional support? No problem! Contact us via Help Chat from within your personalized dashboard.
  • We also offer customer service to assist you with any transactional queries.
  • If you’d rather speak to an incorporation specialist on the phone, get in touch on 844-830-8267 from Monday - Friday and 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. CST.
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